Ironing Services Old South like to take care of all aspects of ironing. Do you like to wear neat, tight and wrinkle free clothing, however don’t have the time to iron yourself? Then our company which is based in Amsterdam is ready to provide you with a complete ironing service. Our service caters for anyone who doesn’t have the knowledge, time or ability to iron and even those who just aren’t willing to do it themselves. Are you already tense when confronted with the small task of ironing a shirt? Perhaps this isn’t one of your best qualities and you could benefit from some assistance. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time to organise and fold every item you press. Whatever your reason, we are the perfect ironing service for you.

The services of our ironing company

Strijkservice Oud-Zuid Services
complete laundry service

As a professional Amsterdam based ironing company, we offer a complete laundry service to all our clients. You can contact us for all your ironing needs including shirts, curtains and bedding. Our establishment includes a non smoking ironing room where ironing esters are used to treat your laundry on professional ironing tables. Because we combine our passion for beautiful clothes with our love for high quality materials, you can always count on our quality of care for your textiles. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to drop off your laundry at our base in Amsterdam, don’t panic as you can use our flexible pick up and return scheme.

Our pick up and delivery service explained

For many companies, the statement ‘customer is king’ is now beginning to sound obsolete, however we believe this statement is a true monument to our ironing service. With our company, you are key and so we will always adapt and tailor our service as much as possible to meet your needs. By using our pick up and return service, you can relax as we will pick up your laundry at a time agreed with you personally. You will then receive the ironed garments back within two or three days. With all parties, there must be someone available to receive the ironed linen. All laundry is delivered in a lockable basket after being professionally ironed and folded. If you require it, we can deliver your laundry in plastic or on a hanger and you can also purchase a company pendant.