The pick-up and return service offered by our exclusive Ironing Service is expressly designed for your convenience. We will pick up your shirts, blouses, dresses, curtains, bed sheets, curtains, or whatever you wish to have ironed. Then we will make a crisp, efficient and thoroughly professional job of ironing them to produce pristine results. Then we deliver them back to you, straight to your door. It couldn’t be easier.

Amsterdam Ironing Service For Individuals

We offer you the opportunity to have your laundry picked up and then returned upon completion. We are the easiest, most customer friendly and efficient ironing service in Amsterdam, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. For individuals we are available each day between 18.30 and 21.00 to pick up your laundry and return it to you personally. No problem.

Amsterdam Ironing Service For Customers

Naturally, companies and organisations are also welcome to take advantage of our pick-up and return service. We contact you to make an appointment for the delivery of your beautifully ironed items, and then we return them punctually.






20 pieces



30 pieces



20 pieces



25 pieces



20 pieces



20 pieces



10 pieces



25 pieces

*For the residents from “Het Kwartier” is the pick-up and delivery service free due the short distance.

*Of course, it is important that there is someone present to take delivery, otherwise we take the items back and make a new appointment. There is a five euros fee for this. We cordially invite you to avail yourself of the first class, premium service provided by the Oud-Zuid Ironing Service of Amsterdam.